Harvia Glow Corner XE

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Glow Corner, installed in the corner as the name implies, is a pillar heater for medium-sized saunas. The shiny exterior cover of the triangular heater is impressive, creating modern elegance in the sauna. The large volume of stones creates a pleasant sauna experience. Throw water on the sides of the sauna stove if you want a gentle steam, and on the top if you really want to feel the heat. The heater warms up quickly and gives an even heat distribution thanks to the large amount of stones. Glow Corner is a fantastic interior design element. Glow Corner’s digital Xenio XE control panel makes it extremely user-friendly. All the functions are integrated directly to the Glow Corner heater, enabling easy installation whether you are building a new sauna or putting in a new heater in your old sauna. The buttons on the Xenio control panel are illuminated for ease of use even in dimly lit saunas. Use the control panel to adjust the temperature, lighting and timers. With the timer, you can have the sauna ready whenever it suits you. The control panel can be placed inside the sauna, doubling as a digital thermometer. The XE model can be started remotely, and the safety equipment can be integrated directly into the heater. Harvia XE model heaters require separate Xenio WiFi remote control kit and MyHarvia app to be used remotely.


For more information please read manual. Harvia Glow Corner manual.
Sauna stones are sold separately.
Domestic: 2 years
Commercial: 6 months
Output, kW 6,8 9,0
Sauna room min – max size, m3 06-10 08-14
Measurements (HxWxD),mm 1100 / 330 / 330 1100 / 330 / 330
Stone size required 5-10 cm 5-10 cm
Stone capacity kg, 5-10cm size 50 50
Minimum safety distances (ceiling / sides) 850 / 100 850 / 100
Supply voltage, phase 400V 3N~ / 230V 1N~ 400V 3N~ / 230V 1N~
Fuse A 3 x 10 / 1 x 35 3 x 16 / 1 x 50
Connection cable, mm2 5 x 1,5 / 3 x 6 5 x 2,5 / 3 x 10
Control unit Equipped Equipped

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Weight 20 kg

HTRC704XE 6.8kW, HTRC904XE 9kW, Xenio WIFI Accessory Package, Safety railing for Glow Corner, Embedding Flange