Finnfoam FF-PIR Sauna Insulation

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Finnfoam’s Finnish-made FF-PIR insulation products are excellently suited for use in saunas with high temperatures and humidity. The thin and effective FF-PIR insulation panels allow you to maximize the utilization of space and the energy efficiency, i.e. ensure that the sauna heats up quickly and retains the heat. The panels are attached directly to the frame structure of the wall, which may consist of a rock wall or timber frame. The working temperature of the FF-PIR insulation products is -50…+120 °C, but they can temporarily withstand temperatures of up to +200 ˚C. Thus, the products are safe to use in saunas.

Vapor barrier and insulation in one panel

In a sauna, the FF-PIR insulation panels can be installed either way. The water vapor resistance of the FF-PIR panels, i.e. their airtightness, is based on the aluminum laminate on the surfaces of the panel, and the seams are always sealed using polyurethane foam and a heat-resistant tape. As the rigid FF-PIR panels are convenient to handle and the work elements are simple, the construction of a leak-proof structure is very easy.

The aluminum laminate is simple to detach from either side of the panel if you need to remove it, for example, on the base of the sauna underneath the waterproofing and tiling. A sauna base structure constructed directly on the surface of an FF-PIR panel is cost effective and safe in terms of moisture performance.

In addition to the walls and ceiling of the sauna, the washroom ceiling must also be thermally insulated to ensure vapor-proofing and to improve energy efficiency. The thermal insulation of the washroom ceiling may be implemented using FF-PIR or Finnfoam insulation products.

Safe and easy to work with

The FF-PIR panels can be easily shaped with woodworking tools and the thin sauna insulation panels are easiest to cut with a utility knife.

The FF-PIR polyurethane insulation products are rated M1 for indoor air emissions, which is the best possible category, and are CE marked according to the EN 13165 product standard.

Declared thermal conductivity λD: 0.022 W/mK

Coating: Diffusion-proof aluminum laminate

The FF-PIR SAUNA 30 x 600 x 1200 mm, tongue and groove on all sides.

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