Harvia Glow Corner

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The Harvia Glow Corner is a corner-installed pillar heater for medium-sized saunas. In addition to their aesthetic, Glow heaters also offer a pleasant sauna experience: the large stone quantity enables soft, comfortable steam. The heater’s outer casing reveals plenty of surface made of the stones, and you can control the amount of steam and its heat by either throwing water directly on the stone pillar or on its side. The Glow heater has clear, easy-to-use selectors in the bottom part of the heater. The heater is equipped with a manual timer and temperature controller and it is clear and simple to use. Safe use is guaranteed thanks to sensors integrated into the heater. The placing of the stones has no effect on the thermostat’s operation, and the heater’s operation remains more stable even after long use. Glow’s thermostat will also quickly react to the stones cooling down, which means that the heating elements will switch on quickly, heating up the stones in time for the next sauna bath.


For more information please read manual. Harvia Glow Corner manual.
Sauna stones are sold separately.
Model HTRC704 HTRC904
Output, kW 6,8 9,0
Sauna room min – max size, m3 06-10 08-14
Measurements (HxWxD),mm 1100 / 330 / 330 1100 / 330 / 330
Stone size required 5-10 cm 5-10 cm
Stone capacity kg, 5-10cm size 50 50
Minimum safety distances (ceiling / sides) 800 / 100 800 / 100
Supply voltage, phase 400V 3N~ / 230V 1N~ 400V 3N~ / 230V 1N~
Fuse A 3 x 10 / 1 x 35 3 x 16 / 1 x 40
Connection cable, mm2 5 x 1,5 / 3 x 6 5 x 2,5 / 3 x 10
Control unit Built-in Built-in
Domestic: 2 years
Commercial: 6 months

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TRC70 6.8kW, TRC90 9kW, Safety railing for Glow Corner, Embedding Flange