Abachi (Obeche) bench slats

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Abachi is a tropical tree of Africa. This material feels nice to the touch and has beautiful smooth and fine structure.
Light, feint grain and virtually knot-free, makes this a beautiful wood for your sauna project.
But the main property of Abachi is its low thermal capacity and the lack of in-depth warm-up. Its main advantage does not simply lie in the fact that the Abachi shelf does not warm up to the temperature of the surrounding environment (for example, hot sauna), but rather in the fact that it takes over the temperature of the body of the person who sits on it very quickly. Abachi has excellent thermal insulation properties (when the temperature in the sauna is 90-110°C, the temperature of the Abachi shelf surface does not exceed 40°C).

This Abachi sauna wood offers a superior standard of finish together with longer life expectancy in the highly demanding sauna environment.

Has a fine and even texture. Cream colour is mostly uniform throughout the surface of the wood.


  • All lengths are fully finished on all four sides and have all four corners ‘pencil-rounded’ to appx 5mm radius.
  • Profile size  28mm x 95mm

, allow one piece of Abachi per 100mm of bench-width (95mm + 5mm gap)



Average Dried Weight 24 lbs/ft3 (380 kg/m3)

Janka Hardness 430 lbf (1,910 N)

Moisture Content 8-10%


-price per length/ board

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