Linden sauna bench slats

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Light, feint grain and virtually knot-free, makes this a beautiful wood for your sauna project.

This Linden sauna wood offers a superior standard of finish together with longer life expectancy in the highly demanding sauna environment.

Has a fine and even texture. Pale white to cream color, with only subtle growth rings. The color is mostly uniform throughout the surface of the wood.


  • Linden is the perfect smooth cool timber to feel against bare skin… perfect to construct all the internal fittings, including benches, backrests, guard rails, etc; even the duckboards for the ‘underfoot’ areas are so much better in beautiful Linden…1.8m – 2.4m lengths
  • All lengths are fully finished on all four sides and have all four corners ‘pencil-rounded’ to appx 5mm radius.
  • Profile size  26mm x 90mm

 thick, allow one piece of Linden per 95mm of bench-width (90mm + 5mm gap)



Average Dried Weight 33 lbs/ft3 (535 kg/m3)

Janka Hardness 700 lbf (3,100 N)

Moisture Content 8%


-price per length/ board

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