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Birch premium whisk
Birch sauna whisks are the most popular type of sauna whisks due to the availability of birch-trees. This is a true wealth of useful substances. Birch leaves contain essential oils, vitamin C and provitamin A as well as resinous and tanning substances, which have beneficial effect on human skin, making it soft and smooth. The particular advantage of a birch whisk is the fact that it helps bronchial tubes to expand, facilitating the passage of sputum and improving the lung ventilation. This is why breathing seems so easy after having hit yourself with a birch whisk in a heated sauna.
Birch whisks are particularly useful for smokers. It has been proved that the air in the birchwood is as clean as in the surgery. Whisk infusion is used for washing hair in order to strengthen it and to get rid of dandruff. Birch whisks alleviate the pain in muscles and joints after physical exercise. A fresh fragrant sauna whisk can charge you with buoyancy and good mood for many days to come.

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