Rounded Sauna Stones 5-10cm. 15kg Olivine Diabase

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Rounded olivine diabase sauna stones. Water will flow from the rounded stones also to the lower (regular shaped) stones, which makes the steam softer. These round stones are suitable as upper stones for all sauna heaters and also as common stones for electric sauna heaters. The diameters of the stones are under 10 cm. Stone weight per crate: 15 kg.

Rounded diabase stones, should be placed on top of the heater or wood burning stove and cover around 2/3 of space. Other space of 1/3 in the bottom and in the middle part of the heater, should be covered with average, standard sauna stones. When the water seeps between the stones and drains to the bottom of underlying stones it forms a soft and pleasurably steam.

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Weight 15 kg