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The paraffin oil by Harvia is an oil treatment for wood surfaces that reduces the amount of humidity and dirt absorbed into the benches, thus increasing their life span. We recommend that you treat new benches before using them and repeat the treatment once or twice a year when cleaning the sauna. The treatment is suitable for all wood surfaces, but it is especially good for heat-treated wood and alder surfaces. The paraffin oil is colourless, but it accentuates the natural colour of wood surfaces. 

A clean and oiled sauna is as good as new.

(500 ml)

Instructions for sauna care and maintenance

Harvia’s sauna tips

✔ Make sure that your sauna is properly ventilated.

✔ In a family sauna, it is not necessary to protect wall surfaces with any substances. If you want to protect wooden surfaces, choose substances which are recommended by specialists and are suitable for the sauna.

✔  We recommend you use protection treatment for benches.

✔  Harvia Sauna Care Set includes all you need to take care of the wooden surfaces in your sauna.

✔  Wash yourself before going to the sauna and cover the benches with bench towels. Dry and ventilate the sauna room after use.

✔  Thorough cleaning 1–3 times a year is enough if the sauna is for normal family use. Use detergents which are suitable for the sauna.

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